I was… Hong Kong Phooey

I’d just like to say that this post was prompted by a 3 hour car journey discussing the ‘quality’ TV that was on offer during my childhood.

We had one of those brown TVs which had legs that screwed into the bottom of it. The very same TV that came from radio rentals or some local business that rented home appliances at the time. Our TV had the little black box on the back to put 50p in. We had a 50p pot that was also used for feeding the electric meter in the cupboard under the stairs. (My grandma used to shout “go and put ‘ten bob’ in the meter”)

I used to plan my time at home away from school and weekends by eagerly grabbing the Radio Times and using a felt tip pen to circle all the good programmes that I needed to watch! That; and preparing my beloved tape recorder to record the theme tunes and songs from all the cartoons.

I have pretty early memories of such classics as Mary, Mungo & Midge, Captain Pugwash,  Bagpuss,  Roobarb & Custard & Mr Benn.

I have the Mr Benn theme tune as my ring tone now on my iPhone!

I went looking on Youtube for a few reminders about some of these programmes. I also found some rather disturbing kids TV shows that I remember watching.. namely Pipkins!

I’d go to my grandmothers house at lunchtime from school and Pipkins was often on.  The main character being a moth eaten manky puppet called Hartley Hare.  If you had a Hartley Hare puppet now you would scare your kids to death with it!  I also seem to remember the character ‘Pig’ from the show. Pig had a thick brummie accent for some unknown reason.

The TV highlights for me though were the Hanna-Barbera Cartoons such as Hong Kong Phooey, The Hair Bear Bunch & Scooby Doo!

Hong Kong Phooey

I was Hong Kong Phooey!!  I would proudly consult my ‘Hong Kong Book of Kung Fu’ whilst wearing my dressing gown with the white piping edges and stand on my mums ironing board in the kitchen doing karate kicks. My friends and I often were to be found in the garden shouting ‘Chick-a-Bow’

I loved cartoons! I would do everything I could so that I wouldn’t miss them. I suppose with only 3 channels there wasn’t much choice for the 70’s child, but I was obsessed. I loved Wacky Races, Captain Caveman, Stop the Pigeon & Scooby Doo!

Scooby Doo was changed in later years & I hated it. The original episodes were the best. And they are still broadcast to this day 🙂

The statistical breakdown of villain capture in Scooby Doo

I think that we; the 70’s generation children had the cream of quality TV programming. Not the overly PC, morally correct kids TV we have now!

This is why I think that our generation love the concept of The Simpsons and the brilliant Family Guy!

We are the generation that grew up loving American cartoons 🙂


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