A Series Of Firsts!

I thought I’d join in the fun of writing this post..  Not my usual blog style but what the hell!

Who was your first Girlfriend?

I was living in Shirebrook, Nottinghamshire.. or was it Derbyshire (I don’t think it was ever happy being in either county)  One of my next door neighbours on our street called Samantha Taunton. I even remember the name. Other than that not much to remember. I must have been 13/14 ish?

First person you kissed?

The aforementioned Samantha. I think we used to make a tent using blankets on a bunk bed and hide under there.

First job?

I do admit to doing the local paper round before I went to school. I’d collect the newspapers at some ungodly hour and trudge miles away to deliver them. I must have had the most remote & bleakest road to do. It was the street that lead out of our village into the countryside. By the time I’d finished I’d walked miles. But: The first job I had properly was the cliche Saturday summer job. My mother worked at Sherwood Forest visitor centre in Nottinghamshire & got me a job at weekends working in the ice cream wagon. Just think… Ice cream for lunch every day. Perks of the job I suppose! Never was a fan!

The Major Oak: Sherwood Forest Nottinghamshire

First pay packet? What did you buy with it?   Some LP or another.. I was a bit of a music nut

First CD you remember buying?

This would have been in 1988. When I started getting decent wage packets I saved up and bought a really good Hi-Fi. Being a musician this probably wasn’t so surprising. But the first actual CD I bought was ‘Works by Sibelius’ by the Berlin Philharmonic conducted by Von Karajan.  From here on in I became a Classical Music CD geek. To the point that I now have thousands of them. I was always to be found in ‘Our Price’ or HMV, or specialist music shops looking for the latest hi-fi recordings of great classical works. I still love well recorded music, especially classical works!

First holiday abroad?

I was brought up in a traditional English fashion. My parents didn’t go on overseas holidays. I suppose that money was tight during the 70’s so we always took holidays in the UK, I remember going to Butlins, Self Catering holidays in Cornwall & Caravan Holidays in Skegness.

Butlins Skegness & Brighton Beach sometime around 1979

But my first trip abroad ‘other than day trips to Calais’ was with the school band. The band travelled to Holland & Germany quite regularly and this was my first taste of europe. Well, my first taste of something alcoholic would be more truthful. As mentioned in a previous blog, where there are musicians there’s alcohol.

What age were you when you moved out of your parents’ home?

I joined the army in 1987.. So I left home just before my 16th birthday.  I covered this here in a previous post!

As is the norm in these posts I should tag a few fellow bloggers..  so this is for – @SunnivaAnne  @HimupNorth  @RhiannonFox   &  @PaulaMaher


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