A Damp February Day in Cambridge

After spending quite a few days indoors due to the cold weather we decided to have a little outing to Cambridge.

I hadn’t been to Cambridge for some years & thought It might be a good day to get some fresh air and go and have a walk around.

Places to visit in cambridge
Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge

I decided it might be a good idea to go the ‘scenic’ route to Cambridge via the A1 from London. All I can say is that going via Stevenage cross country into Cambridgeshire is possible the dullest scenic journey at this time of year. It didn’t help that it was slightly misty, damp with remnants of snow laying on the ground in the fields. It really is a depressing landscape of beige & grey. It reminded me of Denmark; which has the honour of being the greyest place on earth. I wonder if residents of rural Cambridgshire have the same suicide rate at this time of year as Denmark?

Please Note: I may not have researched the ‘suicide’ statistics of Denmark vs ‘seasonal’ suicide rates of Cambridgeshire.

cycling in cambridge, bicycles in cambridge
Bikes in Cambridge City Centre


yes… Bikes…

Cambridge is full of bikes.  Students on Bikes,  Professors on Bikes,  Lunatics on Bikes,  Mothers on Bikes & no doubt bike salesmen on bikes.

Every set of railings has a bike locked to them or actually hung on the railings. To be honest generally the bikes are left leaning against walls of buildings awaiting the passing pedestrian with coffee or iPhone in hand to trip over them. I realise that Cambridge is a very pushbike friendly City & residents and students are encouraged to use a bike but at the expensive of being a city centre game of dodge the lunatic.   At least I saw a weird bearded student sort fall off his bike on the cobbles whilst trying to dodge shoppers in the ‘pedestrian’ area. Result of the day 🙂

colleges in cambridge, visit cambridge
Kings College Cambridge

But, the beauty of Cambridge is its Scholarly heritage of learning. It is a beautiful city, even on a damp February day. There are some lovely old buildings to see, alleyways to explore & the ancient university grounds to view.

We had limited time in the city but had a look around Gonville & Caius College grounds.  It’s lovely to see the well worn flagstone paving & worn stone steps. The hand painted professors nameplates on hidden ancient wooden doors & the worn brass handles and railings around the imposing grounds. There really is some amazing educational & scholarly history embedded in the fibre of these fine ancient buildings.

Due to other commitments we didn’t have much time to explore further. That I will be doing in summer when it’s far warmer!


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