St James’s Park to Regents Park Walk

Today was a London Underground strike so we decided that we would walk from St James’s Park to Regent’s Park.

St James’s Park is the oldest of the Royal London parks dating back to the reign of James II who ordered the Park landscaped in 1603. Even today King James’s Royal Aviary is remembered by the road that runs next to the park called Birdcage Walk

There is a fantastic view of Buckingham Palace from the lake Bridge in the Park.


Autumn view of Buckingham Palace from St James’s Park

Walking through the park we crossed The Mall which is a fantastic tree lined avenue with Buckingham Palace at the end and proceeded to St James’s Palace.

St. James’s Palace is one of Londons oldest Palaces.  Although no sovereign has resided there for almost two centuries, it has remained the official residence of the Sovereign and the most senior royal palace in the UK.

Grenadier Guards Outside St James’s Palace

Continuing North up St James’s Street, crossing Piccadilly and & passing The Ritz we walked up Dover Street and into Bond Street

London’s famous Bond Street is revered throughout the world for its wealth of elegant stores, exclusive brands, designer fashion, luxury goods, fine jewels, art and antiques. Set in the heart of Mayfair, in London’s popular West End and encompassed by many of the world’s most outstanding hotels and restaurants, Bond Street is a landmark for all things sophisticated.

Eventually after having lunch we crossed Oxford Street and headed towards Marylebone High Street.

Oxford Street Shoppers

Marylebone High Street lies just a short walk from Oxford Street and yet is far less busy, has beautiful shops and boutiques and is so laid-back it feels almost like a market-town high street and not central London.

Marylebone High Street and Marylebone Lane are populated with lots of small and independent shops as well as smaller versions of most of the well-known high street names. Prominant as always is the array of coffee shops which is an unavoidable feature of the central London environment.

Marylebone High Street Pavement View

And so, crossing the busy Marylebone Road we finally reach Regents Park

Regents Park is is mainly open parkland which enjoys a wide range of facilities and amenities including gardens, a lake, boating area, sports pitches, and children’s playgrounds. The northern side of the park is the home of London Zoo and the headquarters of the Zoological Society of London.

Regents Park

The south, east and most of the west side of the park are lined with elegant white  houses designed by John Nash.

Houses designed by John Nash
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2 thoughts on “St James’s Park to Regents Park Walk

  1. Great post! Love the blog – makes me want to hurry back to London for another visit 🙂 Will definitely head to Marylebone next time I’m down – thanks for sharing!

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