Chelsea Royal Hospital: An afternoon out

At a loose end for an afternoon we jumped on the tube at Victoria Railway Station 1 stop on the District Line to Sloane Square, Chelsea.

Sloane Square is really easy to reach from Central London and for shopping (if expensive handbags are your thing) it’s a lovely place, plenty of the usual coffee chains and little cafes to choose from & some great pubs.


The Kings Road, Chelsea

Chelsea is home of Kings Road exclusive fashion shopping & the Chelsea Royal Hospital.

Sloane Square Chelsea

The Chelsea Royal Hospital was founded by Charles II in 1682.

Chelsea Royal Hospital inner Quadrangle

The current building Designed by Sir Christopher Wren and completed in 1692 the Royal Hospital has changed little in its long history.

From its distinctive red brick exterior to its beautifully designed interiors the Royal Hospital remains a remarkable and historical building.
Also known as the home of the Chelsea Pensioner. The Ex servicemen & women are often seen out and about around London resplendent in their scarlet tunics and rows of war medals.

Finally..      ok.. this post is a little short but it’s a start, I’m looking to do some blogging about London of the places that I have taken for granted for many many years and if this is any use to anyone then that’s my aim..  criticism is good 🙂  It’s my first attempt at blogging.

Liv & Adrian at Chelsea Royal Hospital

3 thoughts on “Chelsea Royal Hospital: An afternoon out

  1. nice! i’ve been to london a couple of times and never been to Chelsea (i don’t really do hangbag shopping!)
    i also used to think the Chelsea Pensioner was just one person and wondered how he/she managed to live so long…

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